Yumino Seki is a U.K based independent dance artist, Butoh practitioner, performer, teacher and qualified somatic movement educator & therapist.  She was born in Japan and has trained in both classical and contemporary dance.

Her work is influenced by Butoh.  Collaborating with artists from diverse disciplines has given her a broad approach to her dance practice.  She has been interested in authenticity of the temporal body for many years resulting in many pieces, which are site responsive and improvised in nature.  Seki’s work crosses the boundaries of dance, performance art and installation.  Since 1999 she has trained and worked in Butoh predominantly with Tadashi Endo (Mamu Dance Theatre), Yumiko Yoshioka (TEN PEN CHii) both in Germany and Carlotta Ikeda (Ariadone) in France. 

In 2007, her particular quest for sensory experience as an artistic expression took her forward to study VMI (Voice Movement Integration) Somatic Practice with Patricia Bardi in Amsterdam.

Seki’s work is informed by the cultural depth and diversity of both the UK and Japan. Her development in her dance has been a gradual exploration of both her collective and self-identity.

photo by Lambie Brothers


Artistic statement

My movement work starts from trust; trusting that the body has its own intelligence & experience.  Not moving but being moved.  I explore and reflect the inner landscape where the body becomes mere ‘being’ and where a point of transformation occurs.  I question ways of communicating.