2011     Beyond the Circle

Durational site-responsive improvisation with Carolina Diaze and Ania Pshenichnikova at The Stade, Hastings.  Commissioned by PROJECT, Hastings Borough Council.

Connecting the three circles in three locations through the journey of the three dancers. 

Location 1 - construction circle - the beach.

Location 2 - permanent circle - Stade Open Space.

Location 3 - animating circle - Stade Hall.

photos by Louise Kenward, Michael Kosakowski, Marius Liebus & Simon McLennan


2004     Runner

Artists Programme funded by Chisenhale Dance Space, London. 

With Morag Wightman, Clair Keating, Andrea Molnar, Alkisis & Jade Maravala

Researching on ‘being’ through a simple repetitive movement of running and questioning how ‘being’ can become ‘performance’ without having an aid of theatricality.


1999     Namaeno nai Ie - the house without name

Site-specific dance performance at The Shipwright's Palace in Deptford, London.  Performed by Yumino Seki, Abigail Sainsbury and Mariko Tsurumi.  Lighting design by Jim Roseveare.  Supported by The Shipwrights's Palace.