MANJUSAKA まんじゅさか - The Equinox Flower

Butoh & light installation


Produced by 18Hours & SEKI DANCE PROJECT

Directed by Yumino Seki

Presented by Yumino Seki (dance), Alison Grace (dance), Fabiola Santana (dance), Caleb Madden (light), Nick Weeks (sound), Leila McMillan (costume), Jane Perkins (stage set engineering), Gareth Jenkinson (technical support) Gary Rowe (mentor) and Jim Roseveare.

MANJUSAKA is a vivid red flower in the amaryllis family that blooms at the autumn equinox when the dead and living are believed to converge.  Inspired by the Japanese ancestor worship  Seki and her cross-disciplined team explore worlds of the immortal in Butoh dance, sound-scape and lights.  MANJUSAKA is an evocative collage, a fusion of East and West, contemporary and traditional.  

MANJUSAKA consists 5 sketches;  

  • Fukushima Butterfly
  • The Twins
  • The Corpse
  • GOKURAKU (Heavenly Plateau)
  • The River

moving image

moving image with interview



2014 (work in progress)

Concept by Yumino Seki

Presented by Yumino Seki (dance), Alison Grace (dance), Fabiola Santana (dance), Jamie Griffiths (led light research), Nick Weeks (sound), Gary Rowe (mentor) and Jim Roseveare

MANJUSAKA researched how to create a multidimensional experience, incorporating Butoh choreography, LED light installation, soundscape and guided viewing points in alternative space.  

The five choreographic sketches were developed together with light installation and sound-scape.

Fukushima Butterfly

The Twins

Manjusaka (changed to The Corpse)

GOKURAKU (Heavenly Plateau)

The Three Rivers (changed to The River)

The light installations used were;

2 x 10m RGB Led tapes (MS605050RGBIP65) 

1 x 10m Red Neon Flex (Super Colour Jacket Red 24DVC) 

A ring of 8 RGB Led lights embedded in the podium of 2.4 metres in diameter

'<MANJUSAKA> was an exhilarating ride. One moment we’re witnessing what feels like the last gasp of life inside a butterfly killing jar (subtle, intense and deeply sinister), the next we’re flung into a futuristic Blade Runner Tokyo cabaret show, complete with banshee screaming and a blazing light show. An enjoyable night out that was full of surprises.' Darrin Grimwood (author) 

moving image

Special thanks to; Arts Council England, Judy Parkinson, St Mary's in the Castle, Pulse School of Movement and Pulse Event Management, 

photo by Sue Read

Coastal Currents festival (Hastings)

29th AUGUST 2015, 8.30pm

JOURNEYS dance festival (Rye)

29th AUGUST 2015, 1.30pm 

Light Night Leeds (Yorkshire)

9th OCTOBER 2015


10th & 11th SEPTEMBER 2014

7.30, 8.30 & 9.30pm

Each time slot presents different fragments from MANJUSAKA

St. Mary in the Castle,


£2 for each session/free for concession (refreshment included)

MANJUSAKA will be presented in Coastal Currents festival in Hastings, UK.