My choreography is drawn from Butoh 舞踏, a form of Japanese avant-garde dance theatre.  Butoh emerged from the post war chaos in Japan in the late 1950s when the country grappled with the clash between new Western technology and traditional Japanese values.  Butoh became a new form of expression, neither an imitation of western culture nor a traditional Japanese cultural practice.



2014 & 2015 MANJUSAKA, The Equinox Flower

Butoh with cross discipline

MANJUSAKA is a fragrant flower in the amaryllis family that blooms at the equinox when the dead and living are believed to converge.  Inspired by the Japanese ancestor worship  MANJUSAKA explores immortal world through Butoh dance, LED lights and sound-scape.  MANJUSAKA is an evocative collage, a fusion of East and West, contemporary and traditional.  

moving image

photo by Sinan Bozkurt 


2013 HYAKKI YAKOU - A Night Walk of A Hundred Demons

Site-specific Butoh dance performance.  

Hyakki Yakou literally translates to a night walk of a hundred demons. In 17century Japan objects were believed to be given lives after nearly serving 100 years and the demons were the spirits of deserted objects.

The piece incorporated choreography, light, sound, costume and guided viewing within the architecture.  HYAKKI YAKOU examined a visual aesthetic with a sensory presence.                   

moving image

photo by Sinan Bozkurt


2011 Beyond the Circle

June 2011, The Stade, Hastings

‘Beyond the Circle’ is a durational dance piece.  Connecting the three circles in three locations through the journey of the three dancers. 

Location 1 - construction circle - the beach.

Location 2 - permanent circle - Stade Open Space.

Location 3 - animating circle - Stade Hall.

Conceived and performed by Yumino Seki, Carolina Diaz and Ania Pshenichnikova 

Commissioned by The Creative Coast, Hastings Borough Council

photo by Simon Mclennan